arrow colin salmon 24 live another day cw 'Arrow's' Colin Salmon cast in '24: Live Another Day'

Walter Steele might be too busy for much of an “Arrow” return. That’s because actor Colin Salmon has been cast in “24: Live Another Day.”

As reported first by Deadline, Salmon will play General Coburn, described as intelligent, fiercely loyal and powerful. He also isn’t someone to accept foolishness. That should make Coburn an excellent foil/ally/enemy for Kiefer Sutherland‘s Jack Bauer.

In addition to his recurring role on “Arrow,” Salmon has appeared on “Strike Back” and “Law and Order: UK.”

Set four years after the “24” series finale, “24: Live Another Day” finds Bauer a fugitive from justice, dealing with terrorism and other violent things in London. It is set to premiere on FOX on May 5; the first teasers aired Sunday (Feb. 2) during the Super Bowl.

Posted by:Laurel Brown