arsenio hall show tca press tour 2013 gi 'Arsenio Hall Show': The '90s late night host returns to TV

“The Arsenio Hall Show,” is the syndicated return of the titular host to late-night television. At the TCA press tour on Monday (July 29), Hall — along with executive producers Neal Kendall and John Ferriter — presented his new show.

What sort of show will it be?

To say that Arsenio Hall was eager to get going with his new show was an understatement. As the lights came up after the sizzle reel, Hall was already talking about his phone and Twitter. The host-to-be paused only when the official MC for the panel had to do an introduction.

Hall didn’t think that he would need to steal his audience from one or more of the competitor late-night shows. Instead, Arsenio thinks he’ll be playing to those who don’t already have a show that speaks to them. As Ferriter, one of the executive producers put it: “There are 290 million Americans who don’t watch late night.”

Arsenio Hall is a big fan of social media and respects what Jimmy Fallon and others have done with it. “I love the digital world,” he explained during the panel. He’s @ArsenioHall on Twitter, by the way.

The two aspects of Hall’s earlier show that he’s still proud of: His interview with Magic Johnson (about AIDS) and the time Bill Clinton played the saxophone.

“Hall or Nothing,” was the original theme song for Hall’s late-night program. He and his co-composer rearranged the tune and added a section for this new show.

Unlike many late-night shows, “The Arsenio Hall Show” will film on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles instead of in New York.

“The Arsenio Hall Show” will premiere on Sept. 9, 2013. As a syndicated program, times and networks will vary.


  • “I’m trying to change my name to Jimmy.” – Arsenio Hall
  • “I just gotta be better than one guy who’s there.” – Hall
  • “There are 290 million Americans who don’t watch late night.” – John Ferriter
  • “It’s kind of the same Arsenio that you know. Less hair, less shoulder pads …” – Hall
  • “I remember one time Debbie Gibson sent me a fax!” – Hall, illustrating his age
  • “Jimmy Kimmel launched before Facebook was around.” – Neal Kendall
  • “I don’t let anybody go! I have no turnover in my life.” – Hall
  • “I’m most proud of the night when Magic Johnson made his announcement.” – Hall, on Johnson’s AIDS announcement
  • “I’m about sending you to bed with a smile on your face.” – Hall
  • “I’ve been number 2 at almost everything I’ve done.” – Hall
  • “I made a lady who was 90 laugh at the mall once.” – Hall

Posted by:Laurel Brown