art schlichter espn Art Schlichter: Former NFL player under investigation for Super Bowl ticket schemeArt Schlichter, a former NFL quarterback and Ohio State All-American, may actually be best known for an addiction to gambling. The athlete has served 44 stints in jail for various accounts of fraud and forgery.

And Schlichter’s legal woes aren’t over.

Despite claims of being a changed man, the athlete is currently under investigation for several ticket schemes, involving brokering and selling  tickets to Ohio State football games, as well as other events including Sunday’s (Feb. 7) Super Bowl XLV, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

Sources claim that Schlichter solicited money for an “investment opportunity,” while using the funds to gamble instead of producing tickets to promised events. According to the NFL, the scheme is believed that the scheme has gone one for two years.

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien cannot confirm, deny or discuss the investigation, but Schlichter himself told The Dispatch that he intends to speak with authorities soon.

The QB was the Baltimore Colts No. 4 draft pick in 1982, but only lasted three seasons in the NFL. He had previously led his Buckeyes to the Rose Bowl in 1980.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci