artie lange things the nfl needs gay jackie robinson gi Artie Lange: NFL needs a 'gay Jackie Robinson' after Chris Culliver interview

In the aftermath of anti-gay remarks from San Francisco 49ers cornerback Chris CulliverTMZ reports radio host Artie Lange isn’t surprised. Lange, who asked the football player his thoughts on gays in the NFL, says he believes Culliver’s opinion that they don’t belong there is shared by 99% of the league’s players.
All hope isn’t lost, though, as Lange believes one player could turn the league around. “We need the gay Jackie Robinson,” he says, referring to the man who broke baseball’s color barrier in 1947. Lange says it’s important for a star player to come out of the closet while still active in the league, saying, “other people will follow.”
Culliver was criticized days before the Super Bowl for stating in an interview with Lange that he doesn’t think gays belong in an NFL locker room, and that he believes they should stay in the closet until after retirement. The 49ers were quick to reject his opinions, and there were rumors that he might not get to play in Sunday’s game. He later apologized in a very bizarre way, claiming his comments were in his brain, but not in his heart. The 49ers didn’t pull him from the game, though they did lose to the Baltimore Ravens.
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