ascension brian van holt cougar town gi 'Ascension' casts 'Cougar Town's' Brian Van Holt as its captain

“Ascension” has found its captain. “Cougar Town” actor Brian Van Holt has been cast as Captain William Denninger in the Syfy space thriller.

According to the original casting report from, Denninger is “a natural leader, a military man and politician.” The confident man became captain when he heroically saved the Ascension spaceship during a fire earlier in the many-decades voyage. The captain also has a troubled relationship with his wife, Viondra (Tricia Helfer).
“Ascension” is a six-hour drama about a secret starship launched in 1963 with the purpose of populating a new world. 50 years into the journey, a young woman is murdered and the ship’s population begins to question its very mission.

In addition to “Cougar Town,” Van Holt has also appeared on “The Bridge” and in “Black Hawk Down.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown