1226 bronx Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz's pimp Bronx baby photos for free We heard that Ashlee Simpson‘s manager dad (Joe Simpson) was trying to get big bucks for his daughter and Pete Wentz’s baby’s first photos.

But no luck.

Finally, unable to sell their baby’s photos to OK!, People, Us Weekly or even Parade or AARP, the couple gave up and posted a pic of their bundle of joy online.

For free.

I can just hear Bronx in 10 years: "Brangelina’s twins got 13 million bucks for two national magazine covers and all I got was this lousy online Christmas card?"

Still, the photo is sweet. Just wish we saw more of baby Bronx and less of his over-exposed you-know-whos.

Pete Wentz tasted Ashlee’s breast milk? Shut UP!

Photos: Friends or Enemies.com

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead