Ashley Judd‘s acting career hasn’t exactly been on fire lately (sorry, “Missing”!), so she is reportedly considering a move into politics. She would hardly be the first: Ronald Reagan, Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger and more have pulled this off.

But Judd may have something of an uphill battle. Even before the actress has made any decisions on whether or not to get into politics, she is the victim of an attack ad.

According to, Judd is considering running for a senate seat in her home state of Kentucky. Were she to do so, Judd would either face-off against Senator Mitch McConnell in 2014 or Senator Rand Paul in 2016. Both of the current senators from the state are Republicans.

No decisions have been made, but political advocacy groups (PACs) are already scrambling to get their message out. American Crossroads, a Super PAC founded by Karl Rove, already has an attack ad ready to go. In it, Judd is referred to as “an Obama-following radical Hollywood Liberal” and a daughter of Tennessee (apparently, this is a bad thing in Kentucky).

Needless to say, American Crossroads is not in support of Judd’s political aspirations. It remains to be seen if the voting population shares these views or if another Hollywood star may be going to Washington.

The political world really does move at lightning speeds these days.

Posted by:Laurel Brown