Ashlie_stylista_240Stylista took on a Project Runway flair tonight with model casting, a runway show, and major drama involving shoes. Yes, that was a random Project Runway season one finale reference…it’s possible I’m a little obsessed.

Assistant Task: To cast a replacement model for a shoot with Zac Posen, cutie designer extraordinaire. They’re trying to match the girl to a specific dress, so the strategy is to pick the girl who suits that dress the best. Dyshaun, Megan, and Ashlie all pick curvier models for the dress, while Johanna picks one who would disappear standing sideways. Megan wins, as her model’s height and skin tone work well with the dress, as do the curves. Or "curves," as it were. Sigh.

Editorial Task: To choose an up-and-coming designer for a New Designer page, selecting someone trendy, with good photos of their collection and interview questions. They’ll be working in pairs: Ashlie and Dyshaun, and Megan and Johanna. Megan says that she picked Johanna for her writing skills, but I suspect it’s because she assumes that if they’re in the bottom, Johanna will be eliminated. It’s highly possible that this show is warping the way I think.

They are given six designers to choose from, and will be producing a runway show for the designer in addition to the magazine page. At first I was all, "Woah," but then I realized that all you have to do is tell the models to frown, put on some techno music, and have at it. …Right? (After having watched the shows: right.)

Dyshaun_stylista_240 Team Shenanigans: Dyshaun and Ashlie make a winning play for Jolibe, and definitely wind up with better clothes than Team Megan Sucks. Super cute, and the colors and fabrics and modern cuts really look like they’ll pop on the runway. Aaaand, they make it to the shoe wall first and take a whole bin of shoes. Shenanigans! Dyshaun basically admits to playing dirty, which is pretty weak. Or awesome. I can’t decide, since I pretty much hate everyone at this point.

Dyshaun picks an unusual makeup scheme, with very heavy brows (NOT a hat tip to yourself, Dyshaun – a hat tip to Christian Siriano who totally did that in his Project Runway show) and the middle of the lips painted white. Slowey really digs it, and she and Joe Zee are loving the clothes. Which, yeah. They’re awesome. Unfortunately, the pacing is a little off when models aren’t able to dress as quickly as needed. Still, it’s not a total disaster. They split up the layout work, in a move almost certain to come back and bite them in the ass.

Their page looks okay, but the photos are small, numerous, and don’t really pop. They get criticized for that as well as a bland interview and copy errors. But, the judges laud the styling as well as the clever title, "The Alchemist," referring to the designers’ ability to mix unlikely fabrics and come up with fashion gold. Dyshaun definitely gobbles up a lot of the credit during their presentation, which could wind up going either well or poorly for him, I suppose.

Megan_stylista_240 Team Megan Sucks: Megan and Johanna find that many of the designers are too well-known for an emerging designers page. They also choose Jolibe, but give a pretty weak presentation (Megan), and wind up losing out to Team Shenanigans. So, they wind up with Richard Ruiz, who is their second choice. They like the clothes, but realize that they’re at a disadvantage. The clothes are Victorian/Ancient Egypt-inspired, with lots of black, prints, and jewel tones. Megan takes the lead in working with the designer, and essentially agrees with everything he says.

They choose fairly heavy makeup for the show. Kind of a child beauty pageant meets Victorian prostitute look, in a couple egregious cases. The clothes look much better on the runway than they did on the rack, but Joe Zee doesn’t love the shoe choices. Um, wonder why? They also find pacing challenging, but seem to be more successful than Team Shenanigans. They work together on their layout, with Megan calling it a 50/50 collaboration.

Their page is much more edited than the other team’s, which is especially good since the judges don’t love their styling. Joe Zee thinks the layout lacks graphic impact, but appreciates that they gave their designer a point of view. Unfortunately, in the photo of the designer he’s surrounded by models wearing their own clothes. Whoops.

Judging: The judges give Team Shenanigans credit for scoring their chosen designer, for their dynamic black and white layout, and for some of the photos they chose. However, they put way too much on the page, and it doesn’t do the collection any favors. Team Megan Sucks gets credit for outstanding editing and a nice backstage sidebar, but the boring layout is a minus.

Megan and Johanna win the day, and I can’t really say I cared either way. Ashlie and Dyshaun are sent to the chopping block, and Ashlie is eliminated in a low-drama scene that stands in direct contract to last week’s insanity. Nuts to Ashlie being eliminated instead of Dyshaun, and nuts to no drama!

Who do you think will win the competition? I’m betting on Megan. Who do you WANT to win the competition? I can’t actually come up with an answer on that one. Johanna, I suppose.

Posted by:Liz Pardue