Ashtondemi_moore_huff_po TMZ reports that Ashton Kutcher is having a total emotional meltdown — on camera — over the noise from a house being built next door to him.

And the construction crew apparently starts the racket at 7 a.m.

If you’re not up by 7 a.m., you’re staying out too darn late, Ash.

Watch Ashton’s video here (with explicatives deleted) that shows us his house, his bedroom and his deck and the nasty, noisy construction down below.

Strangely, he keeps saying "HIS" but isn’t it really Demi Moore’s house? They’re married. But do they not live together?

So isn’t it really his and Demi’s bedroom?

Or do they sleep in separate bedrooms? Wow. Now there’s the story. Talk about burying the lead.

Ashton also complains that the gosh awful noise has been going on for FOUR whole months. 

Bruce Goldsmith, who is building the house next door, says that the house Kutcher lives in was built over a 10-year period and that all the neighbors had to suck it up and cope with their construction noise.

So maybe it is his house? Not Demi’s? What do you think? Do they not live together?

Or maybe separate houses is the secret to their sizzling marriage? Hey, whatever works.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead