ashton kutcher tca getty Ashton Kutcher: Divorce from Demi Moore definite, according to new house documentsAshton Kutcher‘s divorce is definitely happening, despite the fact that he visited Demi Moore at rehab. According to TMZ, Ashton is now the owner of a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. This, of course, was the home he’d been renting that he discussed on “Jimmy Kimmel” the night he said Justin Bieber was getting a little “Single White Female.”

Based on the grant deed obtained by the site, the property is owned by Christopher Ashton Kutcher. Moore also filed papers called a quitclaim deed that transfers any ownership she would have in the house as his wife.

This keeps their financial interests separate and indicates that the divorce is going forward. According to Kutcher, who spoke about this on “Kimmel,” he only bought the house because Bieber was looking at buying it as well.

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