kutcher-stupid-twitter.jpgJust days after his terrible Twitter gaffe, Ashton Kutcher went back on the social media outlet. But fear not Kathleen Flaherty (Kutcher’s publicist), he didn’t say anything bad. Rather, the only thing stupid this time was Kutcher himself.

The “Two and a Half Men” star has been doing a non-stop mea culpa ever since he used Twitter to chastise Penn State for firing its head football coach Joe Paterno. Kutcher hadn’t done his homework on the matter as Paterno was dismissed for possible involvement in a covering up child sex abuse at the university. This sparked an immediate and harsh backlash.

Kutcher is now attempting to right the matter. In his post he writes, “What’s a picture worth?” before posting the picture of him alongside an “I’m with Stupid” placard.

Kutcher has also said that since his ill-conceived post he will now outsource his Twitter brain to his employees at Katalyst Media. He says the effort will “ensure the quality of its content.”

So how does an employee at Katalyst suggest a post like this?

Posted by:David Eckstein