Ashton Kutcher Justin Bieber.jpgAshton Kutcher and Justin Bieber appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel” to promote the new season of “Punk’d” on Wednesday (Mar. 28). These two are just screaming to be in a buddy comedy together. Kutcher jokingly accused Bieber of trying to steal his swag. He also said that the Biebs tried to buy his house out from under him.

“I found this amazing house in LA and booked it to stay in for like
three months,” Kutcher says. “So I was away and had booked the
house, it was all done, and all of a sudden my assistant tells me
there’s someone coming to look at my house to maybe buy it. Then I get a
text from this [Bieber] and he’s in my house, checking it out. I was
like, ‘Why are you trying to take my house out from under me?’ … I had
to buy the house because I thought he was going to buy it and I was
like, ‘I don’t want to lose this house.'”

He says that the Biebs is getting a little “Single White Female” on him, referring to the 1992 film that had one homicidal roommate trying to take over the other one’s life. They even joked about living together, but Kutcher says Bieber would have to turn 21 first because, “he’s not ready.” Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

Posted by:jbusch