In a move that only slightly resembles his “Two and Half Men” predecessor Charlie Sheen’s Tiger Blood era rants, Ashton Kutcher has taken his message to the people in yet another medium. Not only is the guy one of the most prolific celebrity tweeters in history — now he’s sharing video messages with his fans via

In a newclip, a baseball cap-wearing Kutcher holds forth on media “honesty” — which, when we connect the dots, has to be somehow related to the recent media storm surrounding his alleged infidelity to wife Demi Moore.

“There is no gatekeeper, we are our own editors and our own publishers and printers,” says Kutcher, who says he’s just been reading a test by a Kabbalist about the very subject. “And therefore anyone can bastardize the truth in any way shape or form they want and spread it all around the world.”

We’re hoping that he next reads a Kabbala text about honesty in celebrities and is inspired to tape a new video that explains where his wedding ring is and whether or not he actually stepped out on Demi.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson