letterman kutcher cbs Ashton Kutcher to David Letterman: 'Charlie's character is no longer with us'The worst-kept secret in Hollywood is out. Ashton Kutcher confirmed on “The Late Show with David Letterman” that Charlie Sheen’s character gets killed off of “Two and a Half Men.”

Kutcher, who plays Walden Schmidt, an Internet billionaire with love problems, told Letterman Wednesday (Aug. 24), “Charlie’s character is no longer with us.”

This should come as no surprise considering the volume of reports detailing everything regarding the sitcom’s season premiere. While Kutcher was mum on specifics, he says, “It’s a broad” or perhaps he says “It’s abroad,” playing into rumors that Charlie dies in an ‘accident’ while vacationing with Rose in Paris.

The theme of the night was seemingly death. Kutcher entered wearing a helmet and bulletproof vest labeled “Not Dave,” this a reference to the recent death threat Letterman received.

The morbid theme continued as Kutcher explained more about how his character enters the series.

“I may in some way shape or form be trying to kill myself,” Kutcher says of Walden Schmidt.

Letterman was typical Letterman, prodding and poking the star about Sheen’s exit from the show.

Kutcher had nothing but glowing thoughts on Chuck Lorre, the executive producer who Sheen called a “maggot.” On that subject Letterman jokingly took Sheen’s side.

“I’m a blue collar guy. So to me Chuck Lorre is a commie pig,” Letterman says.

The new season of “Two and a Half Men” premieres at 9 p.m. ET.

Here’s the video…

Posted by:David Eckstein