Ashton Kutcher now admits on his MySpace page that it was probably a bad idea to put up his video rant about his neighbor’s early-morning construction work on the Web.

But he still deserves a good night’s sleep, people!

Ashtonkutcherdemimoorecharity "Yes, there may have been a more diplomatic way to do it and maybe broadcasting it for the net wasn’t the wisest choice. My father is a contractor, my stepfather is a contractor. I grew up hiking shingles to the roof of houses and driving nails at 7 a.m. for a living. I have absolute compassion and understanding for the workers. I do however have a job that sometimes forces me to work into the night (sometimes the movie business requires that) and occasionally I like to sleep past 7 a.m."

Oh, and he was only being friendly tossing VitaminWater bottles at those workers.

"I asked them if they wanted something to drink and they said yes," he writes. "I thought that it would be a nice gesture. I am sorry if some found this offensive. But I know that the workers loved it."

Also, just because he feels Michael Phelps‘ pain, he does not condone pot smoking.

I honestly just don’t know where you people get this stuff!

Keep reading to get the real scoop on Ashton Kutcher’s toking habits….

]]>Ashtondemi_moore_huff_po "I don’t smoke marijuana and any statement to the contrary is a lie," Ashton Kutcher writes, adding,"I simply feel that Michael Phelps is entitled to his privacy. The kid made a mistake (he is only human) and anyone who has been in the public eye knows the magnification of minor missteps can be blown way out of proportion.

On his MySpace page, he writes that he and Demi Moore hope all their Web work will help them get out the word about their philanthropic pursuits and help them reach their fans.

Wait, what fans? Does he mean the ones he lost when he posted that video screaming obscenities at construction workers? 

"I find it exceedingly disappointing that the press coverage of my wife and my blog posts have not included the philanthropic pursuits that we have adopted and encourage. Our intention in becoming more active on the web has been with the effort to connect to the community in an effort to create a greater bond with the amazing fans that we have adopted over several years. We are sharing our lives our thought our ideas and yes our faults with the hope of using connectivity and oneness to build a greater unity and take down the walls that divide us. "

To read more about Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s perpetual twittering, click here

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Photos: Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore at a charity event! Below, Ashton and Demi at a Huff Po political party!  Credit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead