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When is The Closer going to air? I keep checking the web site and it just says "coming this summer" Summer is here. Where are they???? Angie

Why Angie, thank you, thank you so much for asking this question. The Closer returns for a fourth season on Monday, July 14 at 9 p.m. on TNT (Saving Grace returns at 10 p.m. that same day). On July 14, there will also be a marathon of the third season of The Closer leading up to the season premiere. Now, can I have a bite of that candy bar?

Amy, a couple of questions: Is The Shield still on TV? How many seasons has there been? Is Damages still in production? Bob

The Shield will return for a seventh and final season this fall. In fact all the episode, including the series finale, were all filmed before the writer’s strike. The problem is that FX didn’t want to compete with the summer Olympics or the Democratic and Republican conventions. They also wanted to use the final season of The Shield to launch their new drama Son of Anarchy (starring Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Drea de Matteo and Maggie Siff). Son of Anarchy is set to premiere in September. The show is from The Shield executive producer Kurt Sutter.

Damages began production on its second season yesterday (June 24). FX is saying the series is slated to return "early 2009." And the only cast members announced to return for season two are Glenn Close as Patty Hewes, Rose Byrne as Ellen Parsons and Tate Donovan as Tom. William Hurt will join the cast as Patty Hewes’ new client. The official press release announcing his casting states "Hurt’s character will not only share a professional past with Hewes, but a personal one as well." This will be the first time Close and Hurt have worked together since The Big Chill (a must see movie if you’ve never seen it).

Amy, I haven’t heard anything recently about Eureka. I remember hearing that it was picked up for another season but when will we get to see it? Billy

Eureka returns to Sci-Fi Channel on Tuesday, July 29 at 9 p.m.

When is Project Runway coming back? Diane

Project Runway returns for its fifth season on Bravo on July 16 at 9 p.m. This is the last season the show will air on Bravo before it moves to Lifetime. Click here to view a promo of the fifth season.

Do you know how many episodes of My Boys they plan to air this summer? Aaron

TBS is airing nine episodes of My Boys this summer and the finale will be on August 7. I won’t spoil anything but Nia Vardolos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) will soon have a three episode guest arc that involves Andy.

Where Have I Seen Them Before?

Law& Order: Criminal Intent is keeping WHISTB in business this summer. Kim Allen, who played Amanda on Army Wives, was the married massage therapist running away with her boyfriend. Eric Roberts was the abusive husband. We saw him most recently Thompson on Heroes. And that was Brenda Strong as the mystery writer who reported her husband missing. Among her many roles, Strong is the voice of Mary Alice on Desperate Housewives and was Ephram’s mother Julie on Everwood.

Bill Cobbs was the imaginary friend who helped Claudia Joy deal with her grief on Army Wives. We saw Cobbs most recently as Eddie on Side Order of Life and Mr. Bolivar on October Road. He was also Jack on The Michael Richards Show and Elmer on The Others.

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