askew google 'Askew' sends Google users' heads tiltingTyping “askew” and “tilt” into Google search has been making computer and iPhone screens tip to the right for awhile now (see image above), but some smartphone users have recently discovered that the “Google Tilt” Easter egg also works on Android devices, reports the Huffington Post.

Sorry, BlackBerry users. Looks like it hasn’t trickled down to your phones yet.

Some other oldies but goodies in the world of Google Easter eggs to waste away your work hours with:

  • Search for “anagram” and get “Did you mean: nag a ram.”
  • Search for “do a barrel roll” to make your screen rotate a full 360 degrees.
  • Search for “the loneliest number” and get “the loneliest number = 1.”
  • Search for “qingming festival” for an interactive background containing a tree in the top right, water buffalo in the bottom right and a jumping koi.

Which Google Easter egg is your favorite?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper