There are lots of great music videos out there, but very few of them make history. One video released on YouTube on Sunday (May 12), however, marks a huge first for mankind. Astronaut Chris Hadfield recorded his version of David Bowie‘s song, “Space Oddity” — while about the International Space Station.

This may just be the first music video ever recorded in space.

Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut who has gained huge online fame for his regular tweets and other uses of social media, had been in space for almost five months (since December 19, 2012) when he decided to sing Bowie for the camera. The low-budget bit of musical history was the astronaut’s last hurrah — Commander Hadfield returned to Earth via a Russian capsule on Monday (May 13).

What’s in the five-minute video? Hadfield sings and stars in this version of the Bowie song, floating around the station and changing a few of the lyrics to fit his own space experience. There are also some rather impressive shots of the Earth and of a guitar floating alone through space.

Sure, it’s glorified karaoke. But who cares when the video comes from space?!

Posted by:Laurel Brown