At Monday night’s world premiere of "Sex and the City: the Movie," Sarah Jessica Parker warned the lucky London audience not to spoil the movie for everyone else. "You can brag, but you can’t blog," she chirped.

But not everyone listened, especially a British actress named Jo Good.

The Daily Mail already ran Good’s hilarious account of how she snuck an extra part in the film and pinched a place at the London premiere. Now, she’s (CAUTION: MAY-JAH SPOILER ALERT!) spilling the beans on the whole plot!

Except for the final three minutes surprise, thank God. Although, with all the other info she leaks, I think I can pretty much guess that shockeroo (not) ending.

Thanks a thong load, Daily Mail!

Now comes word, again from the intrepid Mail, that the longtime feud between Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker heated up in London with the two of them doing their best to avoid each other at the premiere and post party. Mee-ow!

Oh, and then there’s a little delish little ditty about Cynthia Nixon taking her girlfriend, Christine Marinoni, to the National Theatre to see "Never So Good" starring Jeremy Irons. It is just me, or does Christine look like Cynthia’s young son in this photo?

There’s also an item about how much airbrushing was done to Sarah, Cynthia, Kim and Kristin Davis‘ wrinkles and sags, comparing the film’s publicity shots with how they looked in real life at the premiere.

Ouch. Now, that’s low! It’s not like they’re the only actresses who get airbrushed! Even teenage actresses get Photoshopped!

Lesson learned.  Those British teabag tabloids make Page Six and TMZ look like kindergarten kids.

If I were SJP, I’d be really sorry about the decision to open "SATC" in scandal-mongering London. All this nasty press — before the New York premiere at Radio City Music Hall on May 27 — could have been avoided if she’d only stayed home with her diehard U.S. "Sex" addicts.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead