the three stooges movie At 'The Three Stooges' movie premiere, we chat up Larry, Moe and CurlyIn case you missed this important news, “The Three Stooges” have been resurrected by “Dumb and Dumber” directors Bobby and Peter Farrelly. The latest incarnation of the classic slapstick comedic trio is Sean Hayes as Larry, Chris Diamantopoulos as Moe and Will Sasso (who else?) as Curly.

On Saturday (April 7), Zap2it caught up with the Stooges — who conveniently showed up in character — at the premiere for the Stooges movie, which hits theaters on April 13.

PICS: ‘The Three Stooges’ movie

Below, we ask the Stooges what — if any — message viewers should take away from the film:

On-site reporting by Courtney Garcia.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson