atlanta exes 108 finale monyetta 'Atlanta Exes' Season 1 finale: Monyetta moves on from Ne Yo

While being a celebrity ex is the basic criteria for being a part of “Atlanta Exes,” there comes a time when you just have to move on and accept the fact that the marriage (or even just the promise of marriage and longevity) is over. What’s done is done, and being on “Atlanta Exes” or “Hollywood Exes” or “Nova Scotia Exes” won’t change that fact.

In an act of genuine catharsis in the show’s first season finale, Monyetta starts to finally truly move on from Ne-Yo by replacing the pictures of him and her as a couple in her home with pictures of her and the children. Watch as Monyetta enlists Christina for help on the cleansing journey:

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(There’s a little more moving on in the finale, with Sheree ending her friendship with Tameka, but that’s not exactly in the same, cleansing league as Monyetta’s thing.)

It’s easy to become a bitter person stuck in the past, and in theory, that’s exactly what a reality show with the word “exes” in the title would be all about. Instead, “Atlanta Exes” has worked more on the level as a story about empowerment in life after divorce and messy break ups. That’s what makes it a successful, emotional story. It’s not manipulative — it’s genuinely moving. That’s why Monyetta’s closure works so well in this season finale. It’s something the audience can root for, because it’s only going to make her a stronger, healthier, more mature person.

While there have obviously been the typical reality show arguments throughout every episode — this one included — “Atlanta Exes” has chosen to tackle serious situations about family, abusive relationships, and personal independence and growth above all else. It’s a mature show about mature women, so it shouldn’t be that surprising, and yet it still is. It’s just so good that it’s a happy surprise.

What did you think of the first season of “Atlanta Exes”? Are you ready for more, or did you get everything you could hope for out of it? Leave your thoughts in the comments

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