Attention, all film, TV and movie critics: Watch what you write about Josh Brolin.

He’s reading his reviews. All of them.

Brolin admitted he took bad reviews to heart as he received the supporting actor prize this week from the New York Film Critics Circle for his role as Dan White in "Milk."

Seanpenn_jamie_16437158_600 "As much as actors like to say they don’t read reviews, I do." Brolin said, launching into a rant against Ben Brantley, chief theater critic of the New York Times.

The son of James Brolin and stepson of Barbra Streisand recalled Brantley’s hurtful words when he starred in the 2000 Broadway revival of Sam Shepard‘s "True West."

According to the New York Post, Brantley called Brolin’s performance "flattening," and noted that when he "anxiously hitches up his pants or compulsively dries a dish, it is with the conscientious air of someone who has remembered to do so."

Brolin told the crowd: "Ben Brantley — honestly I hate that [explicative deleted]! And I don’t think he’s a good writer."

Brolin did heap praise on “Milk” co-star Sean Penn: "Quite an actor Sean Penn … Amazing. Not a (expletive deleted) like Russell Crowe." He co-starred with Crowe in "American Gangster."

Brolin did admit to the film critics audience that he’d been drinking earlier that night.

Really? Let me put my surprise face on.

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Photo: Sean Penn and Josh Brolin looked like they were feeling no pain at the N.Y. Film Critics Awards. Credit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead