Do you know what you’d do if the zombie apocalypse were to actually happen? With “The Walking Dead” dominating TV, it’s a topic that comes up quite often, even on late night talk shows.
During an appearance on “Conan,” “Parks and Recreation” star Aubrey Plaza claims she’s been training for the end of the world. “I was telling someone that I’m always prepared in any apocalypse situation, not just zombies,” she says. “I sleep with a dagger by my side.”
Plaza says she keeps the dagger on her nightstand and does a weekly “shanking drill.” “Where I’m asleep and I imagine like a zombie or a murderer or whoever is coming to get me … And then I like have a move where I quickly slide it under the blanket and I shank up. Whoever is hovering over me about to kill me,” she explains. It sounds like a dangerous place to be.
Furthermore, Plaza says she surrounds herself with people who have useful skills during the end of the world. Case in point: She gave her boyfriend flying lessons for his birthday, even though he has no interest whatsoever.
In the end, the boyfriend didn’t take her up on the gift because he was too afraid. Conan O’Brien wasn’t though, which leads to a very strange marriage proposal.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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