Mike Catherwood.jpgRadio host and “Dancing With the Stars.” alum Mike Catherwood is hosting the live premiere of “Auction Hunters” tonight (Mar. 21) on Spike TV. Otherwise known as “Psycho Mike,” Catherwood has appeared on K-ROQ and is currently the co-host of “Love Line.”

Catherwood tells Zap2it he watched the premiere of “DWTS.” If you recall, he was on Season 12, but was voted off first. He says, “My experience was great. Obviously it was embarrassing being the first person voted off, but everyone on that show was so nice and so supportive.” I’ll root for whoever Cheryl Burke dances with. I’m also rooting for Maria Menounos, because she’s a real friend.”

Catherwood says he’s been a fan of “Auction Hunters” from the beginning. “It’s one of my favorite shows to begin with. I’m hosting a live event of what happens on a typical episode of “Auction Hunters” within an hour on live television.” He says, “I got into it as a viewer because I’m such a fan of antiques. Mostly Americana. I really love goofy, classic Americana, like Coca Cola stuff. Old school baseball stuff, motor sports. It really is a blueprint of a time and place in our country. I can hold WWII military items and really know that an American soldier used this.”

“Auction Hunters” premieres live at 9 p.m. on Spike TV.

Posted by:jbusch