audrina patridge reality rocks getty Audrina Patridge on how she landed 'The Hills': Why get real now?

The final episode of “The Hills” ended with a nod to its loose interpretation of the term “reality” when the scenery was taken away to expose a Hollywood studio set. 
That was a crafty way for the show to admit just how it manipulated the lives of a group of girls looking for some kind of celebrity and those of us who watched them.
Fast-forward to today and we have the least likely of that group (next to Lo Bosworth, maybe), Audrina Patridge, preparing for her spinoff show, called very simply “Audrina,” to premiere on April 17 on VH1. 
But, it all had to start somewhere… At Sunday’s (April 10) Reality Rocks Expo, Audrina described how she found herself on “The Hills.”
“I was 19. I was already living in L.A. I was laying out by the pool,” she explains. “Adam DiVello, who was the producer of ‘The Hills,’ he was there scouting the apartment complex for Heidi [Montag] and Lauren [Conrad].”
She goes on to say that she had never watched “Laguna Beach,” the show that spun off “The Hills,” but knew of Lauren and Heidi from magazines.
“[Adam] came up to me and asked me if I wanted to be on a reality show,” she continues. “If it was ‘Dismissed’ or a dating show, I don’t want to do that. At the time I was going on auditions and I wanted to do acting. He said, ‘No, no, no, it’s a documentary.’ Lauren and Heidi are moving to L.A. and they need some L.A. friends.”
So, according to Audrina, she was hesitant at first, but within three weeks they started filming and she was suddenly one of the girls. 
As admitted fans of “The Hills,” we now wonder why the production even had to go to the length of making up friends for Heidi and Lauren. Why not just follow the natural course of events once they moved to L.A.? Why not really make a documentary series?
So, now we have Audrina’s show, which she says isn’t faked like “The Hills.” VH1 did an exclusive screening of the premiere episode at the Expo and it really answered the question of why someone as vacant and uninteresting as Audrina could get her own show in the first place. Her family is nuts. And in her quest to keep the celebrity that found her that one day while she was lying by the pool, she’s willing to turn her family’s dysfunction over to the viewing public.
Anyone who saw the tape of her mother’s drunken tirade after Audrina’s dismissal from “Dancing with the Stars” already know what to expect from her (and she’s the gift that keeps on drinking). Throw in Audrina’s mouthy sister, her life of the party brother, her na�ve teen sister, and her father who’s stuck in the middle of all this and you realize that Audrina has never been the most interesting person in the group — ever.??
In the premiere episode of her new show, Audrina claims she has never watched that video of her mother’s tirade. Um… sure. It only made two laps around the Internet. The thing is we don’t know what to believe anymore, Audrina. Have you cried reality too many times before?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog