Audrina Patridge's new boyfriend, Aussie BMX star Cory Bohan, may appear in her new MTV reality show.

"Um, my boyfriend may, I think he'll be in it," Audrina says of the show, which is most definitely NOT a spinoff of "The Hills."

 "We don't start filming until the end of this year, early next year. But it's basically about my life and just every aspect. My family will be in it, my close friends, um, you know going to auditions, the whole Hollywood life, and it's not as glamorous as it looks. It's gonna be a little more spicier and edgier." 

And the show's name? 

]]>"We're still in the works. Right now, they just have 'The Audrina Show,' she says, "But I don't want to use my name, so we'll see. …"

Audrina, sitting with her "Sorority Row" costar Margo Harshman, also talks about the difference between being on "The Hills" and acting in "Sorority Row, a hilarious teen slasher flick about gorgeous, buxom babes getting killed by a mysterious stranger in a variety of heinous ways.

For the movie, Audrina saw an acting coach twice a week and had to memorize her lines, compared to just "come in and show up for an hour and saying whatever you want" on the popular reality TV show. 

Acting, she says, is much more of "a challenge."

Video: Elizabeth Snead

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