First Vanessa Hudgens, now Audrina Patridge?

Nude photos of "The Hills" reality TV star, allegedly taken as Playboy audition snaps shortly after Patridge graduated from high school, were leaked online Tuesday night. In the photos, Patridge is seen in various poses: nude in a bathrub, topless wearing a pink plaid schoolgirl skirt, splashing in an infinity pool.

Audrina has released a statement explaining — and regretting — the photos.

"I took these photos years ago, when I was just out of high school and beginning to model," she said in her statement. "I was young and very trusting of others, and I didn’t know to protect myself. It is a lesson learned, for myself, and hopefully for the young girls who look up to me."

In a case of when it rains, it pours, there are more shocking revelations in Us Weekly from Audrina’s BFF Lauren Conrad, who claims that her closest pals, Audrina and former beau Brody Jenner, have betrayed her.

Those big meanies!

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Photo: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead