The trailer has been released for “Avalanche Sharks,” the latest of Syfy’s ridiculous (ly awesome) monster movies starring … well, mostly bad special effects. This latest one, however, takes the cake — we have never actually heard of anyone starring in it, though we think Emily Addison is a porn star.

The premise of this gem seems to be crazy spring breakers are being terrorized by snow-swimming sharks. So it’s like “Spring Break Shark Attack” on a mountain. Though considering the title, it seems like there’s a serious lack of avalanches. But “Snow Sharks” probably didn’t pack the same punch.

We have to say, this makes “Sharknado” look like a cinematic masterpiece. Also, without an actor from a favorite ’90s teen drama or some kind of one-hit wonder singer or Eric Roberts, it just doesn’t pack the same punch.

There is no broadcast date yet for “Avalanche Sharks” on Syfy, though we think it came out on video back in July. We’ll keep you posted.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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