Avatar-Fox.jpgConsidering the earth-friendly subtext throughout “Avatar,” it should come as no big shocker that the movie’s DVD release will be on Earth Day.

“Avatar” fans should brace themselves though — no bonus features, and they will have to settle for *gasp* 2-D.

But the stripped-down version is all for a good cause, according to the Los Angeles Times and the movie’s producer, Jon Landau.

“We went to Fox and told them that, for this movie, we wanted to do something really special and reach for the best presentation of any film in the history of the format,” Landau says. “This is a movie that has done the unexpected every step of the way. Fox agreed with us and the result is amazing. Everything that is put on a disc takes up room — the menus, the extras, the trailers and studio promotions — and we got rid of all of that so we could give this movie the best picture and sound possible.”

Landau says anyone who watches the 2-D version will be “blown away” by the image.

But with premium quality comes premium pricing. Suggested retail pricing for the Earth Day release will be $29.98 on DVD and $39.99 on Blu-ray. Although shelf prices will likely be closer to $19.99 for DVD and $29.99 for Blu-ray, according to a source at Fox.

With a worldwide take of over $2.6 billion so far, Fox is banking on the earth-conscious blue Na’vi to bring in a lot more green.

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Photo credit: Fox

For the record: A previous version of this post mistakenly had $2.6 “million.

Posted by:Christine Law