robert downey jr exton baby pics 'Avengers' star Robert Downey Jr. plays proud father on 'The Tonight Show'We hope Susan Downey isn’t giving her husband, Robert Downey Jr., too much of a hard time over his actions on “The Tonight Show” Thursday (May 3).

Because really, when you’re a new dad, it’s hard not to share photos of your child. That’s what “The Avengers” star did with Jay Leno and the audience, showing two pictures of his and Susan’s infant son Exton, who was born Feb. 7.

Downey explains in the clip below that the last time he was on Jay Leno‘s show, he got in trouble for revealing the baby’s gender. It’s OK now, though — “as long as I don’t show a picture of the kid,” he says.

Cue two adorable pictures of Exton, one with his mom and one rocking a striped hoodie.

The video also features a clip from Downey’s first-ever screen performance, in his dad’s 1969 movie “Putney Swope,” but no talk about “The Avengers” — that comes in the second part of the interview.

Posted by:Rick Porter