kate is enough awake nbc 'Awake': A tale of two Kates and an editing mistake?Thursday’s (March 22) “Awake” didn’t necessarily bring Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) any closer to deciphering which of his realities is a dream, but it did bring him closer to his son Rex (Dylan Minnette). However, the episode begs the question: Was there a mistake in the editing? Or did “Kate is Enough” give viewers a subtle clue that Michael’s therapists are in on the conspiracy against him?

Michael runs into Rex’s former babysitter Kate (Brianna Brown) in each of his realities after taking two very different paths in her life following the death of her sister — in the Rex world, she turned into a drug-addicted mess and in the other she ended up a very successful investment banker living in New York — with the differentiating factor between the two being that her mother supported her emotionally after the loss in the latter scenario.

Dr. Evans (Cherry Jones), Michael’s therapist in the Rex reality, suggests that the reason he saw Kate on the yacht in his “dream” (or the reality with Hannah) is because he must have subconsciously seen her in a photo in the murder victim Charlie’s house. However, the episode began with the yacht scene in the Hannah world, preceding the scene in which Michael is examining Charlie’s body and the crime scene in the Rex/Dr. Evans reality.

Was this a mistake? Or was it Dr. Evans accidentally getting her own facts out of order — a clue that she is possibly in on the conspiracy? Or were viewers to assume that the yacht scene was a flashback from his “dream”? What do you think?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper