community-bubble-watch-NBC.jpgThe unofficial start of the 2012-13 TV season, the broadcast network
upfronts, is only about six weeks away, which means the fates will soon
be decided for on-the-bubble network programs. To kick off Bubble Watch
2012, Zap2it is asking you to cast your votes for the shows that might be in danger – Keep ‘Em or Kill ‘Em?

NBC has a handful of bubble shows, from cult classic comedy “Community” to new drama “Awake” Vote below for which shows you’d like to see NBC keep around for next season.

“Are You There, Chelsea”

The case for: That NBC really likes it?

The case against: It doesn’t even get “Community” numbers most weeks and certainly doesn’t have the kind of fan fervor that “Community” has.


The case for: That it’s a really solid show that just needs to find its timeslot and possibly a strong lead-in of a much-hyped drama next fall.

The case against: The ratings are turning pretty grim. Its last new episode earned under 3 million viewers. However, NBC hasn’t been able to win the 10 p.m. Thursday slot since “ER” went off the air three years ago. Good drama after good drama keeps failing in that timeslot and “Awake” is no different.


The case for: It’s a cute, quirky comedy – certainly funnier than “Chelsea” and “Whitney.”

The case against: The show has never cracked 3 million viewers. It never really stood a chance, with “Whitney” and “Chelsea” as its lead-ins, but up against powerhouses “American Idol” and “Modern Family.”


The case for: The fan following does help, but now it’s all about the numbers – if “Community” returns for a fourth season, it will almost certainly be just to get it to the magic syndication number of 80+ episodes. Unless something drastic changes ratings-wise during Season 4, don’t look for a fifth season.

The case against: Ratings. This little engine that could doesn’t even get “Whitney” ratings.

“Harry’s Law”

The case for: The ratings are not bad – it typically averages 7-8 million viewers and while it finishes third in its timeslot on Sundays, it is never by a huge margin. Plus, it’s earned NBC a couple Emmy nominations, which NBC has not had a lot of in recent years.

The case against: It all depends on how many dramas NBC wants to make room for in the fall. But there are lower-rated shows NBC could lop off first.

“Up All Night”

The case for: This cute family comedy is something fresh and new for the Thursday night lineup and started off with really solid ratings.

The cast against: Unfortunately, the ratings keep falling – the show has even dipped below 3 million viewers a couple times. With “The Office,” “Parks and Rec” and “30 Rock” looking solid to return, it will all depend on how much sitcom room for new shows NBC needs.


The case for: The ratings aren’t bad (for NBC) – they’re higher than “Community,” “Up All Night,” “Chelsea” and “Bent.”

The case against: Freeing up sitcom space by getting rid of a comedy that doesn’t have the fandom of “Community.” But “Whitney’s” chances are looking pretty decent.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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