jason isaacs awake little guy nbc 'Awake': What did Captain Harper mean?Let’s forget for a moment about the 58 minutes that came before and get right to the final scene between Michael Britten’s (Jason Isaacs) boss, police Captain Tricia Harper (Laura Innes), and the unidentified man in a suit in Thursday’s (March 8) episode of “Awake.”

“I have it under control,” Harper says.

“That’s what you said before,” he says.

“You should have listened — instead of taking out his whole family. That was insane,” she says.

Taking out his whole family?! Does that mean both Hannah (Laura Allen) and Rex (Dylan Minnette) are dead?? Or perhaps that they’re both alive but simply “missing” (one from each reality)? Or maybe they were wiped from his consciousness — one in each reality — “Endless Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”-style, and they both still exist in each world, just not to Michael.

Also, not sure if you noticed, but the reality in which the scene between Harper and the man takes place has the yellow lighting — the same as the one where Michael’s wife is alive. The one where his son is alive has more of a blue lighting. Could this be a hint that the reality with Hannah is the “real” reality?

Or perhaps the fact that we see Harper and the man away from Michael means they were meeting in a different reality altogether? (I’m kind of confusing myself at this point.)

Also, why do you think Harper needs protection? And who was the man referring to when he said, “All anyone wants is to get past this and keep going”?

These were the theories I had based on the pilot episode, and as you can see, most have to be kicked to the curb:
He died, and the dual realities are some sort of purgatory/heaven/hell.
Both his wife and son died, and this is a “Vanilla Sky”-type situation.  
Aliens. Still on the table.
Government experiment. Still on the table.
He’s in a coma, and both his wife and son are alive and well. The dual realities only exist in his coma-induced dreams.

And as one reader pointed out last week, there’s still the possibility there was never a wife and son to begin with (which gave me goose bumps, by the way).

There’s definitely something larger at work here. Any ideas about what it might be?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper