ashley rickards awkward press 5 things that need to happen before 'Awkward' ends

MTV announced Wednesday (Oct. 8) that “Awkward” will return for a Season 5, but it will be the last for Jenna and the rest of her Palos Hills High friends. With Season 4 ending with the crew’s spring break, it’s safe to assume that the final season will track the rest of senior year and potentially the gang heading off to their perspective colleges. 
That leaves just a few months of time to cover for a group fans have grown intimately close with, and there are some things the audience needs before Jenna and Co. say goodbye forever. 
1. Matty meets his birth parents. The Palos High heartthrob has been going through the emotional ringer ever since he found out he was adopted at the beginning of Season 4. He’s made the beginning steps to forgiving his adopted parents for never telling him, but he needs to meet his birth parents and find out why they gave him up for him to be able to fully heal. The Season 4 promos show that he’ll find out where they are but a face-to-face meeting seems like the only reasonable end game for a story arc this extensive. 
2. Jenna develops a plan. For four seasons now we’ve watched Jenna flounder. That’s to be expected since she’s in high school and her turmoil is the driving force of the show. With the end in sight, though, it’d be nice to see Jenna start to get proactive about her future instead of reacting to the things going on around her. As it stands now, she has no plans for college, but that doesn’t mean she should give up. If college isn’t in the cards, maybe it’s an opportunity for her to go travel, get her hands dirty and start being a writer instead of just talking about it. Jenna’s graduation present should be figuring out what she really wants, and going for it. 
3. Sadie gets her happy ending. Sadie has had it really rough, since her parents abandoned her and her aunt treats her like a chore. She hasn’t allowed that to dampen her self-confidence or priceless attitude. Has there ever been a school bully you hate to love so much, but can’t help respecting? Sadie has won MVP of Season 4 for getting to the bottom of that Eva situation, and in return she should get her Ivy League dreams and a guy that is worthy of all her flawless bossyness. 
4. A Jakara reunion. Of the two most ardent “ships” on “Awkward” — Jake and Tamara are probably the couple that need to be together the most. Jake needs Tamara to help him focus and stay on track, while Tamara needs Jake’s laid-back attitude to stop her from winding up so tight. So things got a little bit weird at the beginning of senior year and Tamara went a little insane. If she can chill out, these two can realize they belong together and stop driving everyone else crazy because they’re apart. 
5. Matty and Jenna decide will they or won’t they once and for all. Why is it so clear that these two belong together except when they are actually together? Their run in Season 4 as platonic besties has been so fun to watch and makes the audience ache for a reunion — but will being together just invite the same old mistakes? If these two have really grown up and realize what they mean to each other then it would be great to see them ride off into the sunset (or off to college) together. If they still need to figure themselves out, then they need to secure their fate as friends and each find someone that makes them as happy as they make each other. 
What do you want to see before everyone is forced to say goodbye to the “Awkward” family?
“Awkward” is currently airing the second half of Season 4, Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. 
Posted by:Megan Vick