awkward the campaign fail 'Awkward': Did Jenna's apology come too late and did Tamara go too far in 'The Campaign Fail?'

After Jenna’s “sanity sabbatical” this season on “Awkward,” all her friends and family were waiting for was a simple apology. Of course, due to her pride, saying the simple two words of “I’m sorry” took way longer than it should have, and that might be the biggest mistake Jenna will ever make (besides putting all her eggs in the Collin basket since it turned out he never stopped hooking up with his ex Angelique the entire time he was with Jenna).

Jenna spent all of “The Campaign Fail” trying to win her family and friends over by compliments, support, pandering, and nice gestures. She kept up her smile and dialed back the sarcasm. But she never once said “I’m sorry” when that was all everyone was waiting for.

It wasn’t until after Jenna got Val fired from the high school due to her scathing expose on the guidance counselor with no boundaries that she realized how deep in a hole she was. She walked up to her mom and repeatedly said “I’m sorry,” tears streaming down her face, and her mom hugged her. But did her apology come too late?

Jenna has already alienated everyone she loves, and while her mom and dad will of course forgive her now that she’s apologized, her friends don’t have that same obligation. Plus, she has yet to apologize to them, though we’re sure that’s coming in the next episode. But after her actions against Val, will her friends see Jenna as someone who can be forgiven?

Tamara will definitely need all the friends she can get after her actions in “The Campaign Fail.” After her fight with Jake last week over his lack of effort in his presidential campaign, Tamara went full speed ahead with her own campaign … in opposition of her boyfriend. And since this is Tamara, she doesn’t do anything half-speed, so of course she ended up winning. This thrust the spotlight on Jake as a person, as he finally was forced to admit his insecurities: his presidency was all that defined him, but he was always afraid to try since that would show that he cares too much — and we all know that caring too much about a high school position isn’t “cool.”

Tamara didn’t really want the presidency — she just wanted to prove a point, and that led to Jake dumping her for taking away the one thing that was his. Without the presidency and his girlfriend, what’s Jake going to do now? And did Tamara go too far against her boyfriend just to prove a point?

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Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum