jenna ashley rickards awkward amy rita volk faking it lucy bianca santos happyland side by side Triple crushes lead to triple drama on 'Awkward,' 'Faking It' and 'Happyland'

When MTV initially started its Triple Crush Tuesday,” it seemed the campaign was mostly to highlight the high concentration of beautiful people headlining the channel’s Tuesday-night comedy lineup. As “Awkward,” “Faking It” and “Happyland” are rolling towards the end of their fall seasons, however, it has become clear that all those crushes have clearly led to nothing but drama. 

Jenna, Amy and Lucy — the three heroines of MTV’s Tuesday night — each find themselves in variants of the dreaded love triangle. Relationship drama is to be expected on high school shows, but with all three ladies either fighting for their love or torn between two potential partners, it seems the optimum time to address the OTP situation. Who belongs with who? Zap2it weighs the options. 
‘Awkward’: Jenna, Matty and Gabby 

Jenna is the only one of the three not in the center of her love triangle, but that doesn’t make things less complicated. Jenna and Matty have been on and off since the beginning of “Awkward” and have finally reached a place of being really good friends. Matty has started dating a really awesome girl, Gabby, whom Jenna actually likes now that she’s gotten to know her. After a string of bad romances, senior year seems like the best time for Jenna to take some time alone and find herself. 

However that kiss at the end of “Girl Rules” on Nov. 4 shows that Jenna and Matty have a connection that is never easily denied. The two understand each other in a way that no other couple on the show compares to. Even if Jenna pulled away and is determined not to stab Gabby in the back, it seems that sparks are determined to fly — especially with the group heading to spring break soon. 

‘Faking It’: Amy, Karma and Reagan 

This wasn’t a real triangle until very recently, when “Faking It” implied that Karma’s jealousy over Amy’s new girlfriend may be a sign of feelings rather than attention envy. So far this season Karma has been trying to get Amy involved with someone else to help her best friend get over the romantic feelings, but as soon as Amy does find a match, Karma can’t deal. Of course Amy loves Karma more, and how can you not want Amy to be happy? They’re best friends and Hester High’s favorite lesbian couple. 

Except, Karma probably isn’t in love with Amy. Until Reagan showed, up there was no denying that Karma only has romantic eyes for Liam — jealousy probably hasn’t changed that. As cute as “Karmy” might be, these two only seem to hold each other down when they retreat into their bubble. Karma finally has a clear path with Liam (minus the secret that he slept with Amy), and Amy deserves a chance to find someone that has real feelings for her that aren’t inspired by a desire for attention. 

‘Happyland’: Lucy, Will and Ian
The love triangle on “Happyland” is more of a square or if you throw Harper into the mix — but let’s keep it simple. Will has been trying since his breakup with Harper to throw his hat into the Lucy ring. It just doesn’t seem to be working. He’s a great guy — if a bit overprotective of Lucy. He definitely has her best interests at heart and knows her better than anyone in “Happyland.” The thing is, Lucy’s oblivious attitude toward his feelings is disconcerting. Maybe she missed the first confession because of bad timing, but if she hasn’t picked up on the strong vibes Will has been sending isn’t that a sign it’s not meant to be? 
Then there’s Ian. So maybe he is her brother, but since this is a teen soap, no one is required to take that as fact until a DNA test is provided. The chemistry between Lucy and Ian is undeniable, and they’ve both admitted that if it weren’t for potentially being siblings they’d be together. Ian has really stepped up since being relocated to Happyland from New York. Will is great, and super cute, but if the DNA test doesn’t line up, it’s pretty obvious that Ian and Lucy are probably the prince and princess of this MTV fairy tale. 
Who do you think are the OTPs of MTV’s Triple Crush Tuesday? Tell us in the comments below. 
Posted by:Megan Vick