jillian rose reed awkward lg gi 'Awkward.': Meet Jillian Rose Reed, the BFF with the fab vocabLast week, we introduced you to “Awkward’s” mean girl, Molly Tarlov. (You’re welcome.) This week, her equally awesome co-star Jillian Rose Reed stopped by the Zap2it offices to give us a little scoop on what’s coming up next for her character, Tamara.

With a vocabulary that would give Diablo Cody a run for her money, Tamara has stuck by Jenna’s (Ashley Rickards) side through every high school trauma imaginable. Now, it’s Tamara’s turn to take center stage as we meet her ultimate crush, Ricky Schwartz. Ricky is played by Matthew Fahey, who you’ll recognize from short roles on “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Dexter.”

“Matt Fahey… is a really close family friend of mine who I’ve known forever, so it was awesome to get to work with somebody that I know, and have my first on-screen kiss with somebody that I know,” Reed tells us. Spoiler alert!

“Ricky Schwartz is such a funny character,” she tells us. “He’s a band geek, and of course Tamara’s in love with the band geeks. She thinks that they’re all rock stars. He’s this nerdy, funny guy, and maybe he doesn’t always treat Tamara the best, but she loves him anyway.”

For more from Reed — including her hunky CW crush, scoop on a deleted scene that we may see on the “Awkward” DVDS, and Reed’s opinion on our Carefrontation Letter theory — don’t miss the video interview below.

Watch our new favorite show, “Awkward.” tonight (Tuesday) on MTV at 11 p.m. You won’t regret it — particularly because it’s already been picked up for Season 2, so you’ll be heartache-free at the end of this season. You can follow Jillian Rose Reed on Twitter at @JillianRoseReed.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie