nikki deloach publicity photo 'Awkward' mom advice: Jenna needs to learn from her own mistakes

Jenna Hamilton has gone through a lot of drama for any teen on MTV’s “Awkward,” but the only person who might be in a tougher position than her is her mom who has to try and shepherd through all that high school craziness. 
“Lacey has to realize is that Lacey is not Jenna. Jenna is very different from her,” actress Nikki DeLoach explains to Zap2it.  “She has to be able to be a mom and try and get ahead of situations, but at the same time let Jenna make mistakes. That’s sort of the learning curve of being a mother and figuring out that balance.” 
Does that mean that Lacey stays neutral on the Team Matty situation or is she rooting for the couple as well?
“If you were to ask me, personally, it’s Team Matty all the way,” DeLoach admits. “But I think what [Lacey] wants most for her daughter is for [Jenna] to be happy. She wants her to grow and step away from the boy drama and relationships and just figure out who she is. She should have the opportunity to go to college and learn, grow, make mistakes and date other people.” 
Jenna isn’t the only one maturing on the show, though. Lacey had Jenna at a young age, so as Jenna goes through break-ups, hook-ups and psycho new girlfriends it gives Lacey a chance to relive some of that adolescent angst — but hopefully it’s for the best. 
“Let’s hope [Lacey’s] learning from all of this!” DeLoach jokes, “I think when Jenna grows, Lacey grows. When Lacey grows, Jenna grows. That’s sort of the beauty of their relationship.” 
There’s only more insanity coming up for Jenna in the upcoming season. DeLoach hints that her favorite part of Season 4b will effect the entire Hamilton family. “It’s really fun and I hope the audience is as excited for it as I am,” she says. 
Tune in for all that “Awkward” drama Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on MTV and you can also catch DeLoach on an upcoming episode of “The Exes” on Nov. 26. 
Posted by:Megan Vick