'Awkward' recap: History repeats itself for Jenna and Lacey in 'Time After Time'

Everyone’s timing is off in the cleverly named “Awkward” episode, “Time After Time.”  As Jenna (Ashley Rickards) and Lacey’s (Nikki DeLoach) generationally paralleled love triangles continue to complicate and confuse, we’re left wondering: How and when will this end?
It didn’t take long for Jake (Brett Davern) to end things with Jenna after the evil, heartless Sadie (Molly Tarlov) spilled the beans on a certain super-secret relationship. Though we really feel for Jake and would hate to be in his shoes, we think he may have been too harsh in his dealings with Jenna. Breaking up with her during a wedding chicken dance, without any explanation whatsoever, is just plain mean and so very un-Jake-like.
As Jenna stands in the middle of the dance floor clearly distraught, Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) heads over to find out the reason behind her best friend’s confused expression. But even Tamara can’t help Jenna out with this one. All she can do is get confirmation from Jake that Jenna wasn’t suffering from hearing problems.
Meanwhile, Matty (Beau Mirchoff) and his date, Courtney (Laura Ashley Samuels), are playing video games at home when Jake calls to share the news. Jake isn’t just informing his best friend, though — he’s sifting for the truth. He’s not just hurt that Jenna kept this from him, but that his best friend did as well. Although Matty continues to withhold the truth, it’s worth remembering that Jake was the one who decided he didn’t want to know of Jenna’s former beau. Recall that Jenna had been ready to share her secret back in “Sex, Lies, and Videotape.” So we can’t help but wonder who is actually at fault here.
Jenna rushes after Jake on his way out of the reception in the attempt to understand why their relationship has just fallen to pieces. Yet Jake has nothing to say. As Jenna stands vulnerable, in front of his car, she sobs, “What happened? Did you get my message?” The best he can muster is, “I got your message loud and clear that this isn’t working,” clearly not having listened to her heartfelt “I love you.”
Back at the wedding, Val (Desi Lydic) is fulfilling her duty as the best bridesmaid ever, but is failing at keeping Lacey and Ben (Kristoffer Polaha) apart. Outside by the pool, the two relive their past, and share a 16-year-old goodbye kiss. Lacey has no trouble admitting that she’s older and “definitely not wiser,” so we’re not surprised that she’s in this situation. And Ben really does seem like a great guy. But we think it’s time for Kevin (Mike Faiola) to come back.
Thankfully, Jenna does too. Catching a glimpse of her mother and Ben’s lip action, she pulls out her handy phone and dials her dad’s number.
Though, she’s soon notified by Bridezilla Ally that things between her mother, Kevin, and Ben may not have been as they seemed. Was Ben Lacey’s Matty or was he Lacey’s Jake?
While Jenna heads home from the reception, pondering this question, she asks herself a different one: Is she following in her mother’s footsteps?
Meanwhile, Kevin arrives at the reception, only to find his wife on the dance floor, wrapped in Ben’s arms. Unbeknownst to Lacey and upon Ally’s urging — “Leave. It’s what you do best.” — Kevin heads back for the exit.
But Kevin leaves too soon! Lacey proves herself wrong, showing that she has in fact grown wiser with age, and closes the door to a potential relationship with Ben. She says her goodbye and goes off to help take care of the drunken bride.
After the big Jenna-Jake news, Matty can no longer focus on his date. He swoops in to the rescue yet again, showing up at Jenna’s door to provide some friendly comfort. It’s hard to ignore the chemistry between these two as they sit on her bed and talk. Finally acknowledging the still very real feelings present between them, Jenna says, “What if [Jake] could sense that I was struggling to fall in love with him because I haven’t fallen out of love with you?”
That’s all it takes for these two to end up back on top of each other, but nothing is that easy in Jenna’s world. Jake, having finally listened to Jenna’s voicemail and realized how colossal of a mistake he made, rushes to Jenna’s. Except, like J’s dad, Jake catches a glimpse of the girl he loves in the arms of another.
Things just can’t work themselves out for our girl, can they? Until next week…
Most Awkward Moment: Unexpectedly being dumped at a wedding reception during the chicken dance is bound to make for one of the worst break-up stories ever. It might actually be worse than breaking up via text message. Well, maybe not quite that bad, but still — we’d hate to have been Jenna in that moment.
Favorite Moment: This one was a no-brainer. Matty and Jenna sitting on her bed, finally addressing their true feelings was this week’s “Oh-my-God” moment — that is, until we saw Jake’s heartbroken face. But for the those measly two minutes, we were screaming with joy!
Things to Look Out For: We’re worried for Jenna. Now that she and Matty have been caught in the act, things for the two of them could and most likely will turn very ugly. We’ve really only seen Jake the nice guy, but what will he be like now that he’s been hurt?
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Posted by:Teny Akay