'Awkward' Recap: Jenna is in for trouble as secrets are revealed in 'Another One Bites the Dust'Beware the ghosts of the past! First loves are here to haunt on this week’s episode of “Awkward,” throwing everyone into a phantom heart frenzy. That’s right, folks. Havoc is wreaked, truths are revealed, and things are about to get really, really messy.

We’re thrust into Ally’s (Barret Spatek) wedding along with Jenna (Ashley Rickards) and the rest of this “Awkward” bunch, but we’re so grateful we’re not part of this wedding party. Ally the Bridezilla makes us want to run for cover. Drinking a liquid meal from a sippy cup, losing her cool over flower baskets, and ordering the worst Princess-Lea-buns-turned-bridesmaid hairdo, Ally’s not holding anything back on her way down the aisle. What’s more, Jenna’s flower girl dress is enough to scare anyone away just on its own. We’re curious. Do people still wear taffeta monstrosities?
Regardless of all the wedding craze, J really takes a stand in this episode. She isn’t afraid to butt heads with crazy Aunt Ally. She’s been much more confident this season, and has really stood up to people who have pushed her around in the past. Go Team Jenna!
Meanwhile, Lacey (Nikki DeLoach) gushes to the bride about her plans to rekindle the love with husband Kevin (Mike Faiola) only to have Ally bounce back with news that he “regretfully” won’t be attending — Ben (Kris Polaha) will. And who’s Ben, you ask? None other than Lacey’s high school sweetheart. The one that got away. We’re sensing trouble for Jenna here. Her mother’s blast from the past, portrayed perfectly by Polaha — yes, perfectly — clearly has his own agenda: Operation Get Lacey Back.
Now, Jenna’s been stuck in the midst of her own love triangle all season long; though she’s “moved on” with Jake (Brett Davern), she hasn’t yet kicked her feelings for first love Matty (Beau Mirchoff). But looking in on her mother’s romantic life, we can’t help but see a parallel:
Lacey’s Ben = Jenna’s Matty. Like mother like daughter? Uh oh.
While it seems Jenna realizes this, she hires Val (Desi Lydic), our recently inducted bridesmaid replacement, to keep Ben’s hands off Mama J. But even this doesn’t sound too reassuring.
Matty stops by just before the wedding ceremony to drop off his suit for Jake. Met by Jenna, he confesses, “I’m really happy for you, even if it does sting a little.” And Jenna’s response? “It still stings a little for me too.” These two are just killing us.
Cut to the wedding reception, and it seems Ben’s “tacky” flirting tactics are working on Lacey. Val, where are you?
Sadie (Molly Tarlov) is enjoying her time with Ricky (Matthew Fahey) perhaps a little too much. Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed), who has been assisting the wedding planner throughout the reception, has painfully been witnessing this eyesore. Garnering support from her best friend, Tamara vents to J about Sadie and Ricky’s face “rape.” Yet when Jenna confronts Sadie about it, she only makes things worse, prompting Sadie to weasel “I love you’s” from Ricky right in front of Tamara.
While Ally and Lacey share a sweet, yet sad, moment reminiscing over first loves, Jenna confronts Ben about snaking his way back into the heart and bed of her mother. But Ben can only offer a piece of advice: “If you have someone special, don’t take it for granted.”
It’s this line that rings true for Jenna. Swooning over Jake from afar, she realizes that she has something really great with him. And so, while Jake swoops in to rescue Tamara from round 2 of Sadie’s bullying, Jenna drops the L-bomb right into his voicemail! 
Unfortunately for Jake, things with Sadie don’t go so well. In fact, his act of good will could not have been met with a worse enemy, as Sadie, very unkindly, breaks the news that Jake and his best friend have something in common. You guessed it. Jenna! 
Jenna’s definitely in for a tumultuous road in the upcoming episode. Though we have to wait another week to see what happens next, we’re keeping our fingers crossed in the hopes that all will bode well for her.
Most Awkward Moment: Ricky and Sadie’s PDA was quite possibly the most uncomfortable to witness, not just for Tamara, but for us too. Recall the public groping? Yeah, no thank you.
Favorite Moment: Though Jenna’s L-bomb (via voicemail) was this episode’s biggest moment, our favorite was watching Lacey meet Ben for the first time in fifteen years — with curlers in her hair and in a slip dress no less!
Things to Look Out For: Our girl J and Matty are in for some serious trouble now that the truth of their relationship is out. While we can’t wait to see what happens next in the Matty-Jenna-Jake saga (Team Matty!), we, personally, can’t wait to see some more of Kris Polaha.
Posted by:Teny Akay