'Awkward' recap: Jenna's in for a Valentine's Day surprise as Matty moves onValentine’s Day has arrived at Palos Hills High, and things are about to get awkward on “Awkward” as the ominous holiday divides these teens up into Team Love and Team Black Hearts. But the one thing both sides have in common? The green-eyed monster disease. That’s right, folks. These halls are filled with jealousy, and our girl Jenna (Ashley Rickards) has been plagued with it too.

Things may seem peachy in Jenna and Jake’s (Brett Davern) PDA-filled relationship (minus that paintball attack and Jake’s horrible V-Day stuffed love-bug gift), but all is not quiet on this romantic front. Matty’s (Beau Mirchoff) new love interest, the resident seductive blond freshman Courtney (Laura Ashley Samuels), has been creeping under Jenna’s skin and ours. Yet, that doesn’t stop Jenna from giving Matty dating advice. Remember, Jenna dumped Matty, and after their friendly truce from last week, it’s really the least she can do.
Meanwhile, Ming (Jessica Lu) and Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) decide to celebrate their lack of boyfriends at the annual Black Hearts Party (BHP), fully aware that Ricky (Matthew Fahey) will be in attendance and is “in love” with someone who clearly isn’t Tamara. Oh, do we smell trouble!
Jenna and Jake are in for a huge surprise when they arrive to their V-Day restaurant, and are seated next to Matty and Courtney. Cue this nightmarish, quasi-double date. No one wants to run into their ex in public, least of all on Valentine’s Day. But Jenna’s luck clearly isn’t the greatest. While she tries to focus her attention on Jake, she is constantly distracted by the things happening at the neighboring table. Matty doesn’t exactly help the situation when he notices Jenna picking at her food and announces, very loudly though very sweetly, that she’s allergic. We can see Jenna squirming in her seat, but it’s M&C’s public hand-holding that gets her head-bumping the table. As Jenna steps away for some air, Jake rushes off to find her some ice, but Matty comes to the rescue. He reveals to J that he doesn’t want to ruin things with Courtney. Wait a minute! Matty actually likes this girl? We admit, she’s pretty, but she’s not Jenna. Our hearts may have just sunk to the bottom of the jealousy pit.
Back at the BHP party. Ming is making the most of her single status with Fred Wu (Kelly Sry), while Tamara fails at making Ricky jealous. After several drinks, Tamara rushes to the bathroom, only to find Sadie (Molly Torlov) on Ricky’s lap. Suffice it to say this does not end well for Tamara. Witnessing Ricky swap spit with Sadie was humiliating enough, but wetting her pants was the icing on that cake. Poor thing!
Finally back from their date, Jenna and Jake share an intimate moment on her doorstep until, cue surprise #2, Jake professes his love for her! This guy is the perfect boyfriend, having gone out of his way to really make this day special, but all Jenna can say in response is, “Awesome.” Uh oh!
Though we’ll have to wait until next week to see what happens in the Jenna and Jake saga, we suspect there will be trouble in paradise. We love Jake, but we’re shamelessly rooting for Matty. What do you think? Team Jake? Team Matty?
Most Awkward Moment: We think Tamara peeing in her pants earns this title by far.
Favorite Moment: Tamara usually has the best one-liners, and this episode doesn’t fall short of them. During one of her BHP flirting attempts, she says, “Normally eyeliner’s really fem, but yours makes me feel emo-sexual.” Hilarious!
Things to Look Out For: We’re dying to see what happens next in the Jake/Jenna/Matty love triangle. Jenna’s “awesome” isn’t sitting too well with us, and we’re sure Jake is worried about it too.
Posted by:Teny Akay