'Awkward' Recap: Matty and Jake battle it out as Jenna goes public with the truth

Jenna’s (Ashley Rickards) troubles continue on this week’s “Awkward” as her love life continues to spiral downward.
Once again, we meet Jenna blogging her heart away, still confused about Jake (Brett Davern) and reeling from her post-breakup hook up with Matty (Beau Mirchoff).
But her problems wouldn’t be complete without her very own Jenna-wagon! Kevin’s (Mike Faiola) gift to his daughter only reminds Jenna that she’s not the only one dealing with matters of the heart, adding her parents’ ongoing separation to her list of heartaches.
Things only get worse when she suddenly realizes why Jake broke up with her. He knows her secret. Cue the picture of her and Matty caught in the act from the night of the wedding.
Back at school, Jenna’s desperate attempts at explaining the truth to Jake backfire. She didn’t cheat. We know that. Jake just won’t hear it. His chilling response? “I know everything. Everything.”
But where would we be without a proper confrontation?
Sadie (Molly Tarlov) doesn’t refrain from being her fight-provoking self. And while we know her vendetta against Jenna stems from her own insecurities, we can’t justify (and refuse to accept) her hateful actions against J. When Jenna volunteers to take on her school’s variation of “Wheel of Fortune” for a proper chance at speaking with Jake, Sadie is all too excited to call her foe up for a round of public humiliation.
As Jake squirms standing up in front of the spin wheel, he calls Matty up as well because, you know, that’s what one does when they’re heartbroken — make things exponentially worse.
With Jenna and Matty both on stage for a game of “Come Clean or Play Dirty” as decided by Jake, stakes are raised when the boys finally battle it out. This was bound to happen at some point, but at least they’re being honest with each other, right? And of course Matty’s loud and very public statement, “I f***ed your girlfriend!” was the icing on that cake. Oh, Matty, that may not have been the best idea!
While the boys head over to Val’s (Desi Lydic) office, Jenna retreats to her newly tagged “slut” wagon. Seeking sanctuary at home, Jenna rushes in, but leave it to Lacey (Nikki DeLoach) to think that her daughter’s troubles are actually about her and Kevin. Get it together, Mama H!
J’s left blogging her feelings yet again when she receives comments from “Anonymous.” We haven’t yet decided how we feel about this invisible friend of hers. Taking her blog public upon the inferred advice of her new online buddy, Jenna returns to school the next day only having made things worse. Her plan to reveal the truth through her blog only provides further humiliation for the parties involved.
There’s no resolution in sight, folks. Team Jake. Team Matty. Are you hanging in there? Who do you think will win this Jenna duel?
Most Awkward Moment: Jenna suffers from public humiliation several times over this week, but we think the revealing of her blog was the worst. Agreed?
Favorite Moment: I-Know-Everything-Becca takes stalking to the next level. This omniscient one continues to both impress and totally scare us with her all-powerful and all-knowing ways. Sabotaging test cheat sheets and messing with Ming’s (Jessica Lu) prescription? Goodness… How far will she take this?
Things to Look Out For: Who is this “invisible friend?” We need to know! But more importantly, who will Jenna choose? Once again, faced with the same options — Jake and Matty — J has to decide before she loses both.
Tune in to MTV on Thursday (Aug. 30) at 10:30 p.m. for the next episode of “Awkward.”
Posted by:Teny Akay