beau mirchoff brett davern awkward 'Awkward' Season 2 is 'going to be crazy' for Teams Matty and JakeJillian Rose Reed, the best friend and wannabe popular girl, on MTV’s “Awkward” tells Zap2it that next season sees some real changes in the characters.

“Season 2 is going to be crazy for fans that are Team Jake (Brett Davern) or Team Matty (Beau Mirchoff),” she says. “There’s a lot of crazy stuff love stuff that will happen for Tamara. I hope fans will tune in and continue watching.”

The show was a huge hit for MTV in its freshman year.

“Tamara, in Season 1 says a lot of funny, sometimes dirty things,” Reed says of her character. “It’s really awesome to see her like that. In Season 2 we will definitely see her evolve. She has drama in her life. She needs to mature. She is becoming an insightful person and is starting to help Jenna (Ashley Rickards) see different things in her life.”

What surprises her the most in the upcoming season?

jillian rose reed apr 2011 gi 'Awkward' Season 2 is 'going to be crazy' for Teams Matty and Jake“The biggest thing for me is Ricky and Tamara’s relationship in Season 1 is very rocky,” Reed says. “It’s off and on. And in Season 2, she gets a little gutsy. She realizes she is not being treated the right way. And I want Tamara to have the perfect love life.”

Ricky, played by Matthew Fahey, and Reed have been buddies since high school, where they were classmates.

Reed describes her character as “always a really great friend, a get up back on your horse kind of girl.”

Reed likes Tamara’s approach, which is different from her own. “I am way more sympathetic than Tamara is,” she says. “I am more, an OK, I will sit there and cry with you best friend.”

“Tamara as much as she wants to be loved and be popular, she does have a good sense of who she is and tries to help Jenna see who she is in Season 2,” Reed says. “She knows who she is and finally standing up for what she doesn’t like in school and in her relationship.”

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler