molly tarlov may 2012 gi 'Awkward' Season 2: Sadie gets some Matty actionThank you to the character who gave us the ever snarky “You’re welcome.”
Molly Tarlov, who plays mean girl Sadie, came up with what became her signature line on MTV’s hit “Awkward” returning for a second season Thursday, June 28.
“Playing a character, I can’t just be mean just for the hell of it,” Tarlov tells Zap2it. “It has to come from a certain place. I see her as much more than a mean girl. She is insecure, funny and smart. She wants to keep everyone at arm’s length, she’s scared to let everyone in.”

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Sadie is that girl whose purpose seems to be to make everyone else’s life miserable. She’s particularly awful to the main character, Jenna, (Ashley Rickards) because Jenna manages to have the two most desirable boys, Jake and Matty (Bruce Davern and Beau Mirchoff) besotted.
“I am Team Matty,” Tarlov says. “I really don’t know what it is. I really like Jake. Matty wasn’t so bad. He is 16 — give him a break. I know much older boys than that still doing that wishy-washy thing. I am a sucker. You watch ‘Sixteen Candles,’ he is Jake Ryan. There is something about Matty that you are so happy when he pays a little bit of attention to you.”
In the Season 2 opener, Sadie gets more than a little bit of attention from Matty. She admits how she feels about him. When Matty pines over Jenna, who is with Jake, Sadie tells Matty he can’t unload his emotions on her.
Matty asks why and Sadie says, “Are you so dense that you can’t see I have had a crush on you forever? And now you want me to make you feel better because you have finally tasted the bitter pill of rejection? Well I won’t! Welcome to my club. It’s a lonely, sad …”
She doesn’t get to finish before Matty moves in for a kiss.
“The writers have done such an amazing job with the season,” Tarlov says. “In the first season, we introduced the characters and this season they are just living and being themselves and so much happens and you get to know all of the characters.
Tarlov is still taken by surprise that “Awkward” is such a hit.
“It is always really nerve-wracking and there are so many shows on TV now and so many channels and I watch every single one of them,” she says. “And some shows are really great and go unnoticed and get canceled. I always knew this show had magic in it but you never know how it will be received. The premiere was good, but when the numbers started growing, word of mouth did so much for this show. It was such a stellar season.
“The great thing about this show is it stands the test of time,” Tarlov continues. “It is so real and lives in a tightened reality I think I could watch it in 30 years and still love it and relate. Your real friends — you are watching, or your real enemies, in my case.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler