lacey-jenna.jpgThe new season of “Awkward” returns Thursday, June 28, and reveals that now that Jenna is certain who wrote the letter that kicked off the series, she needs to deal with it. 
Meanwhile the teens’ relationships get far more complicated.

Spoiler alert: A lot happens in the first episode and this has the news and the actors’ responses to what happens.

This second season picks up two weeks after the first one ended and Jenna’s ever-deluded mom, Lacey (Nikki DeLoach) indeed wrote the letter that sent Jenna into an emotional tailspin, and which everyone thought pushed her to try to commit suicide.
“What does she do about the letter with her mom?” asks Ashley Rickards, who plays Jenna. “Does she forgive her? Seeing her go through step two of her journey is really exciting.”
By the end of the episode, mother and daughter must come to a new understanding of each other.
“I want her to have the life I did not get to have,” DeLoach tells Zap2it of her character, the emotionally stunted, Lacey. “Before Lacey got pregnant she was popular and beautiful and then she got pregnant and experienced this huge fall from grace. For her, it is pushing the daughter.”
Showing how disconnected Jenna’s parents are, for Christmas Lacey gives her a diamond necklace that Jenna can’t even fake enthusiasm for. And her dad gives her a box of condoms.
Yes, awkward.
Then, at a New Year’s Eve party, life gets really complicated. Jenna goes to the party with Jake. But Matty still wants her. Jenna still wants Matty. And Jake.
Ah, the situation for which Facebook’s relationship status “it’s complicated” was invented.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler