awkward season 4 episode 8 react 'Awkward' Season 4, episode 8: Why Jenna was completely insufferable in 'Prison Breaks' Jenna hasn’t been the easiest character to like on “Awkward” for a while. 

From her back-and-forth with (and cheating on) Matty, her pathetic excuses to “get involved” just to put it on her college apps, her “sanity sabbatical” and her poor treatment of her friends and family, she’s been slipping lower and lower on the like-ability scale for seasons. But it hit a whole new level of awful during Season 4, episode 8, “Prison Breaks,” on Tuesday (June 3).

Jenna became completely insufferable.

It all started when she decided to take an impromptu road trip to visit her new boyfriend Luke at college late at night after her and Tamara’s plans to go to a concert failed miserably. While surprising your boyfriend for some late-night hanging is always fun, Jenna knew Luke was studying for midterms. In fact, the entire college campus was studying for midterms. She should have known that bothering someone when they’re trying to study and get work done is never a good idea.

First, she tried distracting Luke from his studying by kissing him. When he told her he couldn’t get distracted, she just rolled her eyes and brainstormed more “clever” ways to take his attention away from his books and onto her. That’s just selfish, Jenna.

After annoying Luke for a while, he finally relented and took a study break on the roof of his dorm to get some fresh air with Jenna. But she stupidly pulled away the flip flop keeping the door open, locking them on the roof with no phones and no way to get back inside. When Luke got upset about getting locked out, she just rolled her eyes — again — and “tried to make the best of it” by making out with him some more. When he told her — again — that he didn’t have time for this because his studies are important and that she didn’t understand that because she’s still in high school, Jenna then got mad at him.

Hold up. Not only has Jenna been acting like the worst girlfriend (and person) ever all night, now she’s picking fights with Luke for stating the obvious truth? Jenna still is in high school, and everyone knows there’s a huge difference between high school and college work. Luke then had to apologize to Jenna for hurting her feelings and calmly and slowly state that he’s at college on scholarship and has to keep his grades up before Jenna accepted his apology. Come. On.

Luke should have gotten angry at Jenna for pulling off the most immature moves all night long. The only reason she went to visit Luke was to put Matty out of her mind (because it always comes back to Matty). If she was actually comfortable in her new relationship, she wouldn’t have felt the need to go and bother Luke when she knew that he was studying for midterms, and she would have understood that Luke needed some alone time. But instead, Luke ended up having to comfort her and sleep on the roof all night long. 

He’s either the most patient or the most spineless boyfriend ever. Either way, Jenna needs to check herself.
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Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum