jenna ashley rickards awkward 'Awkward' Season 4 finale: Matty is all that stands between Jenna and a carefree senior year

In the first half of the “Awkward” Season 4 finale it seemed as if Jenna was on the path to a carefree rest of senior year. She’s gotten into college, she’s got all of her friends with her on Spring Break — what could be better? 
Well, things are never that simple for Jenna Hamilton. As her Spring Break comes to a close things will only get more complicated and once again the “Will they or won’t they?” question will arise in her relationship with Matty. 
That’s not Jenna’s fault though, according to actress Ashley Rickards. Jenna is just trying to maintain their best friends status. “She’s just trying to make the friendship work,” Rickards tells Zap2it, but even she admits it’s not that easy. “I mean there will always be something with her and Matty, because there was something. That’s the case with most exes.”
When it comes to exes on teen soaps though, there are always obstacles that get in the way of any relationship getting off the ground, or back off the ground in this case. If there are sparks in the air for these two love birds, they have to survive a house full of meddling friends, parents and girlfriends to ever have a chance at making a flame. 
“It can be really difficult when people intervene on information that pertains to you that you don’t know about,” Rickard explains. “There are times when it can be for a good reason, but I think Jenna would want to know [if Matty has feelings for her].” 
The fact that Jenna and Matty have a genuine bond has never been up for debate. The real question is whether the two of them should figure out exactly what that bond means once and for all or if the two should let it go and make the most of their remaining senior year. 
Rickards, for one, is in favor of Jenna taking a break and letting herself enjoy what’s coming up.
“Everyone is going to be splitting up and going to different schools. Things are going to be changing. She’s going to get all sentimental and there will be some really touching voice over,” she says with a laugh. “I want her to savor it and really enjoy each moment because she’ll never get it back.”
“Awkward’s” Season 4 finale airs Nov. 25 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. 
Posted by:Megan Vick