awkward season 4 spoilers 'Awkward' Season 4 spoilers: Jenna's junior year breakdown threatens her senior year happiness It’s senior year on “Awkward,” and you know what that means … all the drama we’ve come to know and love about the MTV dramedy, plus the added stress of college applications and decisions! Season 4 promises to be one big roller coaster ride, and it hits the ground running in the premiere, “No Woman Is an Island,” airing Tuesday (April 15).

Since Zap2it knows you probably can’t wait that long, here are a few spoilers from the Season 4 premiere to tide you over. You’re welcome.

– Jenna starts off the morning of her first day of senior year in an extremely … ahem, lustful way, and even for a show that’s dealt with extremely racy topics on a normal basis, the opening scene is pretty eyebrow-raising. Of course, this is “Awkward,” so expect things to get, well, awkward.
– Tamara is taking her duties as class president very seriously, and it’s putting a strain on her already stretched-too-thin relationship with Jake — who she stole the position from last year. That plus her overloaded schedule of classes and college prep leads to the most intense version of Tamara we’ve ever seen.
– On the flip side, Jake gave himself a “Jake-over” due to his lack of presidential duties this year. Expect a lot of acoustic guitar performances and desperately wishing he would get a haircut. Spoiler alert: He doesn’t.
Ming’s gone for good (sniff sniff, tear), and her absence is explained … kind of. The details are a little murky, but it’s perfect. We promise.
– There are some new faces to take her place, including one extremely beautiful and cultured blonde from NYC. Everyone is awed by her, and her choice in friends is surprising in a good way.
– Val is still not totally over the fact that Jenna got her fired last year. Everyone’s favorite guidance counselor grew a backbone over the summer, and we hope it’s here to stay.
– Lissa spent her summer in Africa, and brings back something very surprising. And we mean, very surprising.
– And here’s a drinking game to play if you want to get extremely hammered while watching the premiere … take a drink (not a shot, or else you’ll die before the hour ends) every time someone says the word “masturbate.” Or participates in the action of masturbating. Or references masturbating with a clever pun or euphemism. Seriously.
“Awkward” Season 4 premieres Tuesday (April 15) at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.
Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum