matthew fahey jillian rose reed awkward mtv 'Awkward' stars Jillian Rose Reed, Matthew Fahey real life high school palsJillian Rose Reed and Matthew Fahey not only play high school classmates Ricky and Tamara on MTV’s hit “Awkward” they actually were classmates.
“I went to school with Matt Fahey,” Reed tells Zap2it. “We were in class together a lot of the time.”
Reed spent her freshman and sophomore years in a regular high school, and completely relates to the endless high school drama of “Awkward.”
“‘Awkward’ is cutting across lines,” Reed says. “What is awesome about the show is our main character is the underdog, and everyone in high school feels like the underdog. I was the choir and drama geek. I had my quirky friends and I wasn’t the queen bee.”

By junior year, Reed transferred to a charter school, which allowed her to work while she attended school.
“It was a group of actors who support each other and tell each other to do homework,” she says.

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler