awkward the bad seed 'Awkward': Was Matty's diss to Jenna below the belt in 'The Bad Seed?'

After last week’s misunderstanding-turned-blowout fight between Jenna and her BFFs Tamara and Ming on “Awkward,” things took a turn for the much worse on Tuesday (Nov. 12) night’s “The Bad Seed.”

Since neither side showed any signs of yielding (though Jenna did express her desire to apologize until she chickened out at the sight of her ex-friends’ united front), the animosity grew and grew until the sight of Matty hanging out with a new girl — Devon — threw Jenna over the edge. She assumed the worst — that Matty was hooking up with a rebound girl — and even though he tried to see how she was doing post-almost-drug-arrest (thanks for that, Collin), she lashed out, calling Devon his “rebound skank” that he was “slumming it with.” And then Matty threw out a diss that was so below the belt, despite Jenna’s harsh words: “Get your facts straight, Jenna. I was slumming it with you.”

Now, Jenna was saying some pretty nasty things to Matty, so we understand why he would want to retaliate in the wake of her infidelity and breakup, but this insult was out of line. The whole reason Jenna cheated on Matty in the first place was because she never truly got over the fact that Matty was embarrassed about hooking up with her in the beginning stages of their relationship. He refused to acknowledge their relationship, hiding it from all their friends because he was ashamed of Jenna’s social status. When Jenna and Matty finally talked about his feelings about their relationship, he admitted that he was always embarrassed, and that led to Jenna hooking up with Collin.

Obviously, both Matty and Jenna were in the wrong here. We don’t condone cheating for any reason, and Jenna was acting like a total brat about Matty’s new female friend. But this insult poured salt in the still extremely fresh wound of Jenna’s insecurities about her relationship with Matty. After Matty dealt out the horrid diss, Jenna threw herself into her relationship with Collin, dishonoring her mother’s trust in the process, and slept with him in order to keep him interested.

Later, she was in tears over her mistake and needed to talk to her mom, but by breaking her mother’s trust, she ruined that relationship as well. She can’t confide in her father, since he caught her stealing his weed stash for Collin (once again, thanks for that, Collin). And her friends all hate her for the way she treated Matty. The only person she does have is Collin, and he doesn’t really care about her problems. He gets annoyed when she tries to talk about her issues, and only acted interested in her when she agreed to finally have sex.

Things aren’t looking so good for Jenna.

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Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum